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Macarons are wonderfully delicious!  There's always this shroud of mystery about it.  In this class, you will learn how to make these delicious macarons with ease & great fun.   You can go on to make it with your children, friends & family!


Online Class

3 Hours –  divided into 2 sessions with a break in between; 

Times vary - see dropdown menu for dates
All Abilities Welcome – Interest to learn & practice is the only requirement

Children must be accompanied by an adult - 10 years old & above

Macaron Class

  • In this class, we will be making the ever delicious & coveted Macarons.  The various techniques that goes into creating this cake can also be used to create unlimited variations of your own.  


    - Basic Macaron
    - Chocolate Macaron
    - Lemon Curd
    - Chocolate Ganache
    - Assembling Macaron


    It's a fun activity to do with family, children & friends gathered round the table or infront of the screen via Zoom.  With some practice, you will want to go on to experiment with new fillings & come up with your signature creations.

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