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SohMarie is started by Marie Soh, a creative chef & excellent trainer.  She works with individuals, entrepreneurs & teams, helping to make their visions happen.

Marie runs her businesses, collaborations, projects with perseverance, creativity & great attention to detail.  She’s a self taught chef with 20 years in the industry.  During this time, she has helped launch numerous restaurants & cafes like Maisie Cafe (Paris), Matches Fashion-Maisie Cafe Collaboration (Central London) Dryland, The New Club (Brighton) amongst a few.  She also owned 2 cafes, supperclubs, worked as a personal chef & was a contributor on the book “Juice, Taste, Blend" for The Juicery.              “

She is passionate about inspiring people to engage their whole being when making food.  Her classes and training workshops inspire people with wonder & excitement, about the colours, aroma, flavour, texture & experience - the beautiful ritual that is making food.

Marie has great empathy for others, is a great listener and is deeply caring of her clients & her team. This makes her a very effective trainer & teacher - as she connects with their desires and translates them into clear, approachable steps. Encouraging them to reveal their potential.

HI, I’m Marie Soh, chef/owner of SohMarie, and I want to enable people to truly make food, not just to cook.

I have been in the industry for 20 years and watched many chefs & individuals make food - where their whole being is immersed in it  - engaging all their senses and memory. The magic happens - the food, the experience, the individual thrives as one.  It’s more than mere cooking ingredients, it’s about smelling, seeing, touching, tasting, feeling, doing & then wanting to make more. I have also watched when people forgot that magic within & the impact it has.

I love helping people learn to make food, maybe even the best foods of their lives, learn to follow their instincts, their senses and memory, to gather ingredients together and turn them into something special … rather than just follow a recipe. 

I am here to help you reveal the potential within.  We can work together one to one, or via my online classes and workshops (in the the plans). There's also a small resource library being built that you can use.  Let's do this together.

                                                                                                                                                         Marie x


Trust Yourself To Make Beautiful Food


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