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"I’ve come full circle in my journey of making food.  I started my journey learning to cook - to impress, to outdo myself, to create more pretty, more awesome, more delicious foods. I’ve completed that cycle.  I am now learning to just make food - to enjoy the process & the joy it brings me + the people I share it with."


Hi, I’m Marie & I’m a chef.  I started working as a chef when I was 29, after more than 10 years in the fashion industry.  My dream was to create beautiful foods that people could pick up & enjoy - before or after work - in tiffin carriers. So I started working in restaurants, to learn from other chefs & gain experience.  I remember vividly the night after my first ever double shift - with my feet up against the wall - I was crying and thinking, “What have I done?!”  

And the fun began!  I referenced every cookbook available. I learnt from my head chefs & fellow colleagues. I threw myself into veganism, plant based diets, the different cuisines of the world in order to meet the needs of my clients.  Food was my passion & obsession.  Eventually, burnout caught up with me & I lost that joy & excitement.  

Thankfully, circumstances gave me a chance to slow down & re-assess at my relationship with cooking.  I went back to re-learning the fundamental basic techniques, & it has helped me appreciate my mom, all cooks & chefs before me + their skills even more. 


The art of making food to nourish yourself & your loved ones is as old as the hills.  How great does it feel to be able to make a delicious meal with the ingredients you have?  And to be able to share that food with loved ones or share that process of making it with friends + family?   It feels Priceless.  It's important that this joy is shared with as many people as possible.    


Just as my mom passed her passion & skills to me,  I want to share them & my own skills that I picked up along the way - with YOU.  There are numerous ways of sharing my skills & experience with you.  


Depending on where you are on your adventure, you could start with learning the foundation of cooking or different cuisines.  You can also choose to freestyle as you cook - without any recipes. Along the way I will share with you techniques that will encourage you to trust your instincts and judgement as you cook.


So come join me and together we will make a mess, make magic and feed your soul.

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SohMarie is started by Marie Soh, a creative chef & excellent trainer.  She works with individuals, entrepreneurs & teams, helping to make their visions happen.

Marie runs her businesses, collaborations, projects with perseverance, creativity & great attention to detail.  She’s a self taught chef with 20 years in the industry.  During this time, she has helped launch numerous restaurants & cafes like Maisie Cafe (Paris), Matches Fashion-Maisie Cafe Collaboration (Central London) Dryland, The New Club (Brighton) amongst a few.  She's also owned 2 cafes, supperclubs, worked as a personal chef & was a contributor on the book “Juice, Taste, Blend" for The Juicery.              “

She is passionate about inspiring people to engage their whole being when making food.  Her classes and training workshops aim to inspire people with wonder & excitement, about the colours, aroma, flavour & experience of making food.  By understanding the fundamental techniques & learning how to apply them to different situations, the confidence comes and the playing & fun follows.  It’s actually very little to do with the recipes.

Marie has great empathy for others, is a great listener and is deeply caring of her clients & her team. This makes her a very effective trainer & teacher - as she connects with their desires and translates them into clear, approachable steps. Encouraging them to reveal their potential.

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