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Everyone Loves Noodles!  Noodles play such an important part in the cuisine of may cultures.  Here, you will learn the techniques to make the noodle of your choice.  In future, you can make it with your children, family & friends.


Online Class

2  Hours – times vary; see dropdown menu for dates
All Abilities Welcome – Interest to learn & practice is the only requirement

Asian Noodle Dishes Class

  • In this class, you will learn the basic techniques for the noodle dish of your choice.  By understanding these techniques, you can vary the topppings used to create your own signature noodle dishes.


    - The Base Sauce / Stock
    - The Toppings
    - Assembling the Dish


    Some of the dishes:
    - Japanese Chicken Karrage Ramen
    - Singapore Laksa
    - Thai Mee Krob with Shrimps & Vegetables
    - Japanese Vegan Ramen with Avocado Tempura, Agedashi Tofu &     


    By the end of the class, you'll be able to make these to go with your noodle repertoire, or enjoy them on their own. You can go on to experiment with new toppings & come up with your signature noodle dishes.

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