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Really! It's That Easy!! Try It Once..Try It Twice!

I am going to be very honest & say that I love a good mayonnaise with chips. It gets even better when I love onto aioli (which is basically garlic mayonnaise), caesar dressing and truffle mayonnaise.

Everyone thinks making mayo is hard & it's this mysterious concoction. I used to think that too.

Not anymore! You do need some elbow grease or a handheld mixer to help you along.

So, you only need to remember this:

1 egg yolk : 1 cup* grapeseed oil : 1 tablespoon lemon juice

*The size of the cup you use is pretty important. I use a measuring cup which hold about 240ml liquid.

The tip is to make it a few times, using the recipe will help you to understand "why you do what you do". Which in turn will help you to re-create this formula again in future - without memorising any recipes.

"Mayonnaise is an example of a permanent emulsion, consisting of egg yolks and oil. Egg yolks and oil would not naturally come together, but when the oil is slowly whisked into the egg yolks, the two liquids form a stable emulsion that won't separate." from

  • The protein component of an egg yolk allows it to absorb and retain fat in this emulsion.

  • The lemon juice (acid) helps to prevent this emulsion from splitting

  • The water helps to thin it down to the consistency you want


1 egg yolk

1 cup grapeseed oil

1 1/2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp water

1/4 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper


  • In a small cup, mix the water & lemon juice together

  • Shape a kitchen towel into a circle & place a medium sized mixing bowl on top of it.

  • Add half of the lemon juice-water mixture with the egg yolk into the mixing bowl. Start whisking

  • When you are whisking, try & do so in the shape of the figure "8". This helps to reduce the amount of foam formed from regular whisking in a circle.

  • Drizzle the oil, very SLOWLY in a steady stream into the eggs as you whisk.

  • Add a little of the lemon water in between & carry on whisking.

  • Carry on whisking until all the oil is used up.the oil & whisk to combine.

  • Season with salt, pepper & sugar at the end

And NOW! This is where the fun begins! In the next post, I will show you how you can make a caesar dressing & other dips & dressings all from this 1 basic formula. Stay tuned to the next post!

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