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How To Pimp Your Instant Noodles

I'm not sure if it's a cultural thing but I love pimping my instant noodles. It's like a game & the rules of my game are:

- use what I have in the fridge

- do it all in one pot

- do it in the shortest time possible

- try & get the biggest WOW rating at the end

It's a game with me as the only competitor - although you can have competitions with your partner & friends! WARNING: It's super crazy & can get raucous very quickly!!

Part of the process of making food is playing & having fun. It's in these times of experimentation & play that you could discover a combination of ingredients that go very well together & you can make another dish out of it. In this case, the combinations that work well are

- bacon & kale ... you can use this in pasta

- crispy shallots & bacon .... you can use this combination in fried rice

- bacon & beansprouts ... you can do s simple stir-fry with bacon, bean sprouts & spring onions! Yumm!

BUT the important thing to know is the sauce which brings it all together

soy sauce : oyster sauce : sesame oil : chilli crunch in oil

1/2 tbsp : 1 tbsp : 1 tbsp : 1 tbsp

In the above pictures, I used a piece of the Mamma Instant rice noodles. In a pan, I bring some water to a boil. I add bacon first as it takes the longest time to cook. When it's cooked, I add in the noodles at 12 o'clock position. I added the kale at 6 o'clock position.

Do not stir! You want it to be in sections which makes plating easier.

Once everything is cooked, using a pair of thongs, I first plate the noodles into the bowl, add the sauce & give it a good stir. Then I top with the bacon at 3 o'clock position followed by veg at 9 o'clock position. While the water is till hot, I add my bean sprouts into the pan to soften, then remove & plate at 6 o'clock position.

Garnish with little crispy shallots & it's job done! Usually I would add a poached egg but today, I just added a bit more chilli crunch.

Just try the special sauce! You can use it to dress any fish / chicken / meat you have!

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