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Thank you for wonderful cooking experience yesterday.  We both really enjoyed your careful and helpful guidance as we ventured into Thai cooking for the first time.  The whole process enjoyable and the resulting dishes delicious.  We appreciated the way you introduced the session with a little background to Thai cuisine and later explained how the sauces we made could be adapted to other dishes.  I was a little anxious as this was my first online class of anything but your calm and organised presentation made it a stress free and enjoyable experience.” 



Let's Start Making Food

You are an adventurous & creative cook, growing your career, raising your family & pursuing your passions. You dream of passionately making good food, doing it with ease & free-styling as you go. You want to nourish your spouse, children, family with the food you make & you know it will happen.


You're just not sure HOW.  There are only so many hours in a day & there are so many more things you want to do - hobbies, workout, keep fit, etc. Everyday feels like Groundhog Day - working from home, school runs, housework & making 3 meals & repeat.  You are trying but still feel like you are coming up short.

"Surely it's not time to cook again?!!"

"I don't what to cook!"

"My family needs to eat more healthily"

"I don't have the time to cook"

"I suck at cooking"

"I'm so tired I can't think clearly"

"What do I do with these leftover ingredients?"

.... sounds familiar?

It's normal to fall out of love with it, maybe even resent it.  There were times in my 20 year career where I felt the same.

How horrible - to hate what you were once excited & passionate about!   


Each time, I stopped, take deep breaths & journal the life out of my resentment.  It forces me to take a good look at my relationship with cooking & where I had stopped being me.

We are not merely cooking & feeding someone. We are performing - the art of making food - to nourish ourselves & the ones we love.  It's a special gift.

Imagine that you could

- make different kinds of food without recipes

- turn the same ingredients into NEW dishes

- decide what to make easily

- turn fussy "customers" into happy "diners"

- take back control of your health

- be more confident in the kitchen, have fun

How wonderful that would feel!   What amazing things that would lead to!

I love helping people. I want to help you to enjoy & grow your skills & gift.  Let me be your guide to fall in love (again) with making good delicious food that you can call your own. 


With me in your corner, you can skip the struggles and jump right to what works. I will share with you my practical tips, guide you along my 4-step technique, and be with you every step of the way.  

If you could you use some help making food you love to nourish the people you love, email me.  Let's have a chat about your kitchen woes - meal plan, allergies, restrictions.. just share them with me.  During our 45 minutes together, I will do my best to help calm the storm in your kitchen (home or commercial).   It's FREE, just   CLICK HERE   to enter your name and email address & we can have an arranged zoom call.

It's one step at a time, one dish at a time, one day at a time. Take your time.

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