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How would you like to make this?


What's 5 ingredients that you like?
Who's 4 people (any) you want to eat with ?
What's 3 things you love about you?
What's 2 things you want to make?
What's 1 thing you want to feel?

I love eggs, noodles, nuts, chilli, garlic.

I want to eat with Byron Katie, Iris Apfel, Liz Steel & Marcella Hazan

I love my passion for learning (anything / everything),

my joy of the world around me.

my fascination with all things glittery / sparkly

I want to make noodles and roast belly pork

I want to feel playful

I hope you enjoyed that little GAME.  The aim is write down the first thoughts that come to your head.  It was great as it got me to reconnect with myself, & I am surprised by how "hard" some of the questions were.  Most of all, I enjoyed how I feel more present & intentional before I start to cook. I could choose a playlist that feels playful to me, and I always have my "Pixie dust" on hand for the final touch...

Want more of where this came from?

Fish Dish

What is cooking to you?
How do you feel about your relation with food? 
How would you like to feel in the kitchen?
How would it feel to be able to 
- make different kinds of food without recipes
- turn the same ingredients into NEW dishes
- freestyle as you cook
- turn fussy "customers" into happy "diners"
- take back control of your health
- be more confident in the kitchen, have fun

It could feel awesome, empowering, scary or make you want to run for the hills!

When you're ready, let's begin this adventure. Together we could re-connect with the real you and create your own story in the kitchen.

With me in your corner, you can so shimmy your way round the kitchen, filling up your soul. I could say we will skip the struggles and jump right to what works - though what works for me may not work for you.  Nevertheless, I will share with you my practical tips and be with you every step of the way.  

If you'd like some help making food that you love, or to re-write your story with food, then email me.   Tell me your all kitchen woes - meal plan, allergies, restrictions, no flow round the kitchen ...  and we'll see what we can do to calm the storm in your kitchen.  CLICK HERE   to enter your name and email address. We can have an arranged zoom call too.

It's one step at a time, one dish at a time, one day at a time. That's all.

Roast Seabream Potato Courgette Mooli Samphire.JPG
Spiced Cod Cheeks with Parsnip puree.JPG

Thank you for wonderful cooking experience yesterday.  We both really enjoyed your careful and helpful guidance as we ventured into Thai cooking for the first time.  The whole process enjoyable and the resulting dishes delicious.  We appreciated the way you introduced the session with a little background to Thai cuisine and later explained how the sauces we made could be adapted to other dishes.  I was a little anxious as this was my first online class of anything but your calm and organised presentation made it a stress free and enjoyable experience.” 


# WowIMadeThis 
# MadeWithLove

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