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 Hey, it's me

I am a chef, self taught & still learning after 20 years.

Everything is my inspiration and mentor:

people, culture, books, nature, pictures, music etc. 


 Fashion was and still is my first love.

I was a fashion assistant at Vogue before moving into fashion PR.

Whilst I was there, I fell madly in love with cooking.

The romance, the dance including the kitchen sink.

Thank you Jaime Oliver and Anthony Bourdain.

The underbelly of the restaurant became my home for the next 5 years.

Boy oh boy, how I love it!

Over the years, my career has been a squiggly line that involved

owning my own cafe (2X), running supper clubs,  

concept and menu development for other food business,

launching a restaurant from scratch, team training

& being a private chef to a host of beautiful people.

It's a privilege to be invited into businesses and private homes

to share all my loves - for cooking, for colours, for organisation,

for creating, for nourishment, for growth.


I would love to share more this no rules, think-on-your-feet

way of cooking with you.  It is really fun!

Trust me with your time and let the fun begin!



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You can contact me:


mobile: 07850 249899

22 Bendish Point, Erebus Drive

London SE28 0GJ

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