What A Christmas Cracker!

Christmas dinners are full of sentiment, delicious and seriously filling!!

So, borrowing on a dish my mom has always made and marrying it with the tradition of a Christmas cracker, I created my Christmas Cracker.

Mom's ingredients for her cracker:

- chopped belly pork

- prawns

- water chestnut

- carrot

- spring onion

My riff on it:

- minced turkey

- chopped belly pork

- prawns

- mushroom

- onion

A traditional accompaniment to turkey is roast potatoes.

Possible riff:

- pomme noisette

- arancini which gave it an Italian influence.

The sauce, traditionally is gravy and bread sauce.

My riff on it:

- white wine sauce with chicken stock and white bread.

More riffs on the dish:

- fish pie mix in the cracker + pomp noisette + white wine butter sauce= deconstructed fish pie

- root vegetables, vegetables, nuts, mushroom & red curry paste in the cracker + arancini + coconut sauce = deconstructed thai curry

Its different but its no less gluttonous or amazing - imagine a platter piled high with the Christmas Crackers, another platter with a mixed selection of arancini and pomp noisette …and a selection of different sauces…

There are no rules and plenty of surprises - just what Christmas presents are meant to be LOL!!

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