Thai Beef Salad

So this is a dish I cooked before. It’s seared beef with Thai style salad.

The original recipe:

- seared steak - deep-fried rice noodles

- crisply shallots with lime dressing

- chilli, herb, pinenuts

Although this salad has been made many times since, the picture has become the tool that helps me create new dishes from it.

SO, I have replaced the crispy rice noodles with mooli noodles, courgette noodles ….

Instead of beef, I have substituted with tuna / salmon & even tofu.

The original dressing uses peanuts, shallots chilli, garlic, coriander stems, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar.

By changing the dressing, I can change it into an Italian dish, or a Moroccan dish and even a French dish.

Turning it into a French Dish:

I substitute the noodles for potato noodles that has been sautéed briefly in butter, served with a truffle, almond, mushroom, garlic & parsley dressing. Or I could make a salsa verde.

Turning it into an Italian Dish:

Switch the dressing in a spicy tomato pesto with garlic, cheese, tomato puree, fresh tomato and pine nuts. The noodles can be zucchini noodles/ thin angel hair pasta/ butternut squash noodles or even a mix of the 3! The centrepiece can be prawns, squid, chicken and more.

Turning it into A Morroccan Dish:

Using the spices of the Middle East, you can create a totally new experience.

With a mix of harissa, tomatoes, cumin, coriander & rose; the dish is now a sensual and mysterious dish with lamb loin/cutlet and crispy rice noodles - tabbouleh dressing.


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