Burger, R U vegan?

Now this is really laughable but I cannot remember what went into the burger in the picture. I remember where I made it and where the photo was taken. It was for Maisie Cafe from Paris, in a joint collaboration with Matches Fashion at 5 Carlos Place.

Which makes this even more fun because I can re-create the recipe again.

My riff on it:

- sweet potato & carrot

- cous cous

- nuts & seeds

- spices & herbs

- flavoured breadcrumbs with garlic & herbs

- salad of fennel and avocado with lemon & olive oil dressing.

So, looking at the picture, what catches your eye? What thoughts are coming up?

More riffs:

- medium burger with beef with toasted brioche crumbs & salad

- chicken, cous cous burger with toasted nuts, seeds & salad

- fish, celeriac, carrot burger with roast potato cubes & salad

Add more flavour and WOW factor with micro herbs. Westland Herbs does a huge selection and is available in major supermarkets. It's wonderful to have on your window sill and you can cut & grow, cut & grow..

Have fun!

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